Finance for Health Care: the Growing Cost of Healthcare


The pace of innovation has bred an explosion in sophisticated methods of taking care of ourselves. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is able to create an image of the soft tissues of our bodies, while ultrasounds allow us to view specific organs and regions in real-time. They have transformed our methods of diagnosing patients, and far less is being left up to chance or supposition.

The downside, of course, is that much of this equipment is exceedingly expensive. An MRI machine, for example, can cost up to three million US – and this does not include the cost of the ‘suite’, or room that houses the machine. Ultrasounds can reach up to the quarter million mark. Even your stock-standard X-Ray machine, equipped with the proper safety equipment, can be an easy five figures.

Finance for health care from UCapital is sympathetic to these excessive costs flagyl tablets buy online. We know that the cost of this practice is an essential one to keep Australians healthy, and that maintaining accessibility for all citizens, both urban and rural, should be a priority.

If you have a successful clinic, and are seeking to expand its outreach with an investment is some quality equipment, UCapital is here to help. We know that health care is not just an investment in your firm: it is an investment in Australian society. Our alternative business loans can help you to grow and reach more people, even if the banks turn you away.

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20 Apr 2016

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