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★★★★★ Rated ‘excellent’ by over 240 clients

UCapital and its partners have provided non-bank funding, secured by real estate, in excess of 25 years. We provide prompt and flexible funding solutions to our clients.

With our 3 step funding system we often settle deals within 5 working days for non-bank funding.


Contact us to discuss the loan scenarios: loan amount, property and exit.


UCapital will issue a term sheet within 24 hours of approving the loan. The term sheet sets out the key terms of the loan.


UCapital to complete any outstanding documents review and submit the loan agreement. Funds are paid within 48 hours upon satisfying the loan conditions.

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★★★★★ Rated ‘excellent’ by over 240 clients
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Benefits of working with us at

Speed of decision making and settlement. Loans are typically funded within 5-10 days from initial application (and often quicker)

Easy to deal with in structuring, executing transactions and ongoing loan management

Certainty of funding with committed funders and deep investor pool. No last-minute rug pulls due to a lack of funds.

Deals Settled!

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Non-Bank Funding Typical Loan Parameters

What makes UCapital different with non-bank funding?

Our valuation process is drastically shortened with nation-wide networks of valuers who are ready to be on site.

Flexibility with LVR's. Each deal is unique. If the deal stacks up, we will stretch the LVR.

We are a friendly funder. We understand that at times, flexibility is needed to get through the rough patches.

When the cost of lost opportunity is too high, stay ahead with UCapital's fast non-bank funding.

Simple access to capital to grow your business.