Jacques spearheads UCapital not only as the CEO but CO-FOUNDER.

With his formal training in Finance, Corporate Governance, Risk, Ethics, Marketing, Sales and Strategy and his years of international board experience (leading and award-winning TOP 300 company in Africa), Jacques has led UCapital to become a respected and trusted player in the Finance Industry.

Contacting Jacques

Jacques specialises in medium to large scale construction funding. As CEO he is also open to discuss other partnerships and opportunities. Feel free to reach out to him.

Email: jp@ucapital.com.au



As the CO-FOUNDER of UCapital, Maurice brings 11 years of experience serving at board level, as Chair and Director of award winning (“Best companies to Work for” – Deloitte) companies.

Maurice is an internationally certified Director (Institute of Directors) and puts is formal training on finance, ethics, risk and corporate governance to good use in UCapital.

Contacting Maurice

Maurice specialises in 1st and 2nd registered mortgage business loans. If you are looking for a secured business loan fast, Maurice is the person to contact.

Email: mp@ucapital.com.au



Having run his own successful brokerage for 8 years in Australia, Jovan saw the potential to amplify both his own and UCapital’s success by merging and becoming a partner at UCapital.

Formally trained in Organisational Psychology, Marketing, Finance, and Strategy, Jovan leads the marketing initiatives for UCapital.

Contacting Jovan

Feel free to contact Jovan for any marketing partnerships.

Email: jfp@ucapital.com.au




Anna saw the opportunity to strengthen her business through networking & assisting UCapital in a Customer Care Capacity.

She has a wealth of experience in Business Management, Building Relationships & Customer Satisfaction. Anna loves investing in UCapital’s brand and vision by providing one-to-one quality service and ensuring that the client’s needs are met and that the relationship is continually nurtured.