Profiles of Success | Alternative Business Loans: Finance for Dentists


This series profiles a number of clients of UCapital, who applied for an alternative business loan, and went on to success in their pursuits. It describes our ideal client base, and the reasons why the banks felt otherwise.

Client B – Finance for Dentists

Client B operates a successful dental practice, and had taken several weeks off for a hard-earned holiday. This had created a gap in his earnings, with several outstanding bills waiting for him upon his return.

At the same time, he was facing an opportunity to expand. Another dental practice had recently come on the market, and he was considering outfitting it and opening it as well, and expanding his business. This opportunity had only just made itself available, and was unlikely to last. Based on his current situation, Client B approached the banks with the notion to try and acquire capital.

His application spoke highly of his sober work ethic and strong business model, along with the positive balances he had run in his books over the course of his business life. However, his loan application was rejected. His application simply included too little security, as he had few assets with which to underwrite his loan. Despite his abilities as a businessman, he was unable to procure credit from the bank.

Luckily, he then contacted UCapital. One solid look at his bank sheet and we knew we were dealing with someone who took their business seriously, and was well deserving of the capital to follow his dreams.

Within three business days, Client B was settled to the tune of 80K, and was well on his way to not only settle his debts, but to secure the opportunity to finance another dentistry practice, to expand his business. We at UCapital recognised that his lack of asset liquidity was only a short-term situation, and that given his work ethic and devotion to his business, he would make a solid borrower. We were more than happy to finance him with an alternative loan, allowing him to take his business life, and his dentistry practice, to take a well-deserved step up the ladder.

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