At UCapital, we understand that businesses in the hospitality industry sometimes need a business loan fast. We also know that you want that loan without all the red tape demanded from the bank! That’s why we help local businesses get finance quickly and easily with UCapital’s Hospitality Business Loans. We’ve helped businesses across the hospitality industry all over Australia and they’re so thrilled with our services that they keep coming back for more!

Servicing Hospitality Businesses of all sizes

If you need a quick injection of cash to keep up to pace with a highly competitive market, our Hospitality Business Loans could get your funds to you by the end of the day. We want to help your business grow! We’ve streamlined our online application, to make it as effortless as possible. It will only take about 10 minutes and from there, one of our friendly specialists will call you to take care of the rest. Why not start your online application right now?

Why more hospitality businesses like yours choose UCapital’s Business loans

As one of the first in the industry, we’ve proven ourselves over the years. We have been helping a wide range of businesses, just when they need it. In fact, 80% of our clients are so thrilled with our service that they use us again and again. We don’t require security for loans under $100 000 and our weekly repayments mean that your cashflow will hardly be affected!

We understand what you’ve already invested into your business and how it’s one-of-a-kind. That’s why each loan application is considered individually to suit your personal needs. So, whether you need to expand or renovate your guesthouse, need to invest in that perfect coffee machine for your bustling café, or need to employ additional staff over the holiday season, we’re here to help you with an alternative business loan as quickly as we can! We offer fair and attractive rates on our alternative business loans, so your business can grow without compromise.

How UCapital can help

We won’t judge your business based on what the bank says! That’s because we recognise that each business is unique. In fact, we say ‘’yes’’ when the bank says “no”. Our loans are typically repaid in 6-12 months and our rates are tailored to your specific business and industry. Why not use someone else’s money to expand your business? Don’t let your business be left behind because of time wasted on unnecessary paperwork demanded by the bank. Give us a call or fill in the online application form, so we can help you grow TODAY!