Profiles of Success with Alternative Business Loans: Opportunity Loans and small business

One of the reasons that finance is so important to small businesses is its ability to provide some flexibility. He who waits is often lost, especially in competitive industries, such as trades.

It is this need that has led to the growth of UCapital. The financial marketplace was failing these small businesses, as the banks were adopting an overly compartmental viewpoint of their loan paradigms, and disregarding case-by-case analysis. This reality has been hurting small businesses for years, and serves to discourage them from challenging their larger competitors.

This situation was discovered by one of our clients, first-hand. If not for UCapital, he would likely have lost out on a considerable opportunity for growth. A small painting and decorating firm, this client needed a float in order to complete a $55000 contract painting a high school during the Easter Break. Clearly, with time at a minimum, extra labour was needed to perform the task. In the absence of a loan, there would have been little hope that he would have been able to, in good conscience, accept the contract.

With no help from the banks, this client turned to UCapital. We funded him a $20000 alternative business loan, to secure materials and two added contractors. The contract was accepted, and the contract was fulfilled successfully, bolstering both his resume as a painter and decorator, and his balance sheet.

In the absence of basic financing to get the contract, that would not have been possible. It is this fundamental disconnect that discourages small business, and keeps much of the available work tied up in established providers, regardless of their current track record. At UCapital, we believe that trend doesn’t have to continue. We provide opportunity through alternative business loans, and can help to break this cycle, for Sydney and throughout the region. We say yes, when the banks say no.

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