Profiles of Success with Alternative Business Loans: Fast Business Loans and making use of opportunity

This series has focused on case studies of our clients, who were able to access growth finance through UCapital, after being denied by the banks. But strict adherence to loan paradigms is not the only defining element of dealing with the loan applications of the banks. Their inability to process applications with a sense of urgency is another.

This client of ours was in the market for a loan to increase his stock, having calculated that such a loan would generate revenue of an extra $50k monthly in his particular sector of plumbing products. With 12 years of experience in his field, and turning over an average of $68K per month, he was understandably surprised when his loan application was rejected. So he turned to UCapital.

With a quick look at his portfolio, we knew we had a promising candidate for an alternative loan. His loan application was submitted at precisely 1:41pm. By 3:22pm, it had been approved, and his documents were signed by 7 o’clock that evening. His desired alternative business loan, which was then used to grow his well-run firm with additional stock, was in his account by noon the following day.

When dealing with the banks, it is often difficult to impart any urgency on their operations. They know that they hold all of the cards, and are typically unwilling of offer fast finance even to their most trusted clients. At UCapital, we know the pace that the business world operates. We know that fast business loans allow you take advantage of situations that can put you in a better place. That is why – and we do so with a quick and easy application process.

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