The Trouble with Alternative Business Loans

Alternative business loans can be used for a variety of purposes in business, across all sectors. And the number of sectors continues to grow in this fast-paced age, as technology and innovation strip away older methods and alter our tastes. In only the last twenty years, as an example, shopping and banking have been assigned almost purely to the online world.

With such a quick pace, we at UCapital offer alternative business loans to these exciting new sectors sites. They have been steady customers for us: Australia’s banks have had difficulty wrapping their heads around these new areas of the economy, given their traditionalist nature and their aversion to areas they perceive as ‘risky’.

These new industries may come across as flash in the pan outfits, but considering the changes that have enveloped business over only our lifetimes, we believe that any attempt to forecast the future trends of technological breakthroughs and taste are doomed to fail. We rely on an objective appraisal of firms and figures: if you have managed to find an area of the economy that is under represented or new, you could well be on the verge of something great. You are easily deserving of finance to grow it.

That is what differentiates us from the banks. Our lateral thinking means that we refuse to be limited by out-dated paradigms of ‘safe’ investments – a practice that we feel is absolutely vital in this era of quick growth and change. If you have been turned away by the banks because of an outside-of-the-box business has baffled them, contact us at UCapital. We say YES when the banks say NO.

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