The Trouble with Alternative Business Loans

Alternative business loans can be used for a variety of purposes in business, across all sectors. And the number of sectors continues to grow in this fast-paced age, as technology and innovation strip away older methods and alter our tastes. In only the last twenty years, as an example, shopping and banking have been assigned […]

23 Mar 2016

Responsible Lending: Alternative Business Loans Vs. Payday Loans

At UCapital, we encourage the use of alternative business loans among small business that are in need. Our business model exists to connect those businesses in need of financing with a source, but we are stringent with our decisions. We loan capital at reasonable rates, avoiding the excessive repayments of the payday lender, while relying […]


Profiles of Success | Alternative Business Loans: Franchise Finance

This series outlines a number of clients of UCapital, who procured an alternative business loan through us, and went on to success in their pursuits. It outlines the type of client we can best help – and the reasons why the bank had little interest in doing so themselves. Client A – Franchise Finance As […]


Profiles of Success | Alternative Business Loans: Finance for Dentists

This series profiles a number of clients of UCapital, who applied for an alternative business loan, and went on to success in their pursuits. It describes our ideal client base, and the reasons why the banks felt otherwise. Client B – Finance for Dentists Client B operates a successful dental practice, and had taken several […]


We Say Yes When The Banks Say No

<a href=" click over here now.jpeg” rel=”attachment wp-att-6947″> Do you have a good business, but need cash? Can’t get a loan from the bank for a short-term challenge or opportunity? We say “YES” when the banks say “NO”. UCapital has helped hundreds of SME’s acquire alternative and secured finance helping them take advantage of opportunities […]


The Advantages of Alternative Business Loans

Among the biggest obstacles to small businesses in Australia is their inability to obtain credit. A source of cash is important for any business, as they will struggle to expand their business without the use of personal assets, a notion that is can leave people destitute should the business fail. This not-inconsiderable risk keeps many […]